Writing Mistakes That Can Cost You Scores on the IELTS Test

If your IELTS test is scheduled for this weekend, then this post can prove helpful to you. It is good to be confident about the test but being over-confident can cost you scores. There is a thin line that differentiates confidence from over-confidence. Mentioned below are several mistakes that many students make on the writing test that can cost them scores. We advise students to go through these tips that will help them not to avoid these mistakes on the IELTS test.

Don’t Use Contractions– We all are habitual of using contractions in our daily life. But these contractions will not work in the test. Writing ‘is not’ as ‘isn’t’ or should not as ‘shouldnt’ could lead to a reduction of scores. Therefore, try not to commit these mistakes in the writing test.

Say No To Slangs– Slang language works but in casual talks. When you are sitting for an examination, you are not allowed to use slang language. Because it is not a formal type of language and using slangs in the test can give examiners a bad impression.

Don’t Use SMS Language– When we are chatting on a phone or over a Skype, we tend to write long sentences into short ones using SMS language. For an example, we write- Could as ‘cud’ or see as ‘c’ or you as ‘u’. But all these short forms are acceptable in casual talk with friends. When you are writing to your senior or sitting in the examination, such short forms cannot be used. Write complete sentences in order to make the examiner understand what you are trying to write. You will not be given scores if you use such messaging short forms in the test.

Be Formal-The tone of the essay or letter you are writing should be formal. Try to stay to the point. For this, you can read the question carefully and exactly do what you are required to do.  The questions will be based on giving your personal opinions, discussing advantages or disadvantages or describing the topic.

Those were several common mistakes that many students attempt because they are not aware. Now when you have known what things to take care of while attempting the IELTS writing test, you can have a peace of mind that your scores are not going to get deducted because of these mistakes. For more useful tips like these, join Kingsway Immigration. We are a leading and reputed organization providing students result-oriented coaching. We prepare students to score high on the IELTS test.

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