Why Consider Studying In The UK? Top Reasons

UK has rich history and is backed with international cultures and thinking. International students get an opportunity to explore a wide range of cultures, traditions and identities. Students get an opportunity to meet new people and make friends. There are numerous tourist attractions where students can indulge in. The cost of living in UK would depend on the lifestyle you choose to live in. The estimated cost of living in the United Kingdom is 7,000-9,000 pounds. The tuition fees of the courses would depend upon the course you are enrolled in.

Visa Requirements

There are several visa requirements that students need to meet, once their plans of studying in the United Kingdom have become final. The main intake is in September; however, several universities also accept students in January intake. Students must prepare their documents well in advance depending upon the course they want to enroll in and intake they want to join. Though visa requirements are subjected to change, therefore, one must check the requirements they want to meet. Students are required to submit proofs that they have sufficient funds to support their living in the United Kingdom. More details can be obtained from the UK Government Border Agency Website.

Employment Opportunities

International students get a number of opportunities during their stay in the UK. Students get an ample number of chances to develop their skills and ability to think independently. This will increase your chances of success and getting into high profile jobs. International students can work on a part-time basis during their studies and on full- time basis during holidays. Colleges and universities have also set up employment team to advice students help choose a career and gain employment after completing the studies. Students can get expert guidance from the professional bodies and agencies to help students choose a career.

Working on a part time basis is a good option to gain skills and get hands on experience. This will also help you support your studies and living in the United Kingdom. Students can avail numerous part time options such as hospitality, retail and seasonal jobs, etc.

Financing and Loans

International students can apply for loans to cover their tuition costs. Higher studies students can apply for loans upto 9,000 pounds and private university students can get loans upto 6,000 pounds. Students can also consider scholarship and funding programs in the United Kingdom. A large number of scholarships are offered to international students to attract the talented international students.

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