Top Reasons to Study in Canada

Canada is a desirable destination for international students to pursue their higher studies. Canada is famous for providing students an ample number of opportunities related to studies, employment and work.  It has been ranked among the best countries offering high-quality education to the students.  There are more than 100 institutions nationwide and tuition is generally low as compared to other institutions.

Weather in Canada

Canada mostly experiences cold weather.  There are four distinct seasons in Canada, which are summers, winters, autumn and spring. Summer temperature in daytime can rise to 35 degree Celsius and in winters, it drops to -25 degree Celsius.  Moderate temperature can be experienced in spring and fall.

Admission Requirements to Study in Canada

There are several requirements that students need to meet while studying in Canada.  They are supposed to submit several documents, which are:-

  • Mark Sheet and Passing certificates
  • IELTS Score Card
  • Passport Copy
  • Work experience (if any)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Application fee
  • SOP

Students must pay the tuition fees, after they have accepted the offer letter.  The payment can be made through international wire transfer. Students can also open an account in Scotia Bank to accommodate the first year living expenses. Once an account is opened, students can easily transfer their living costs in the account and obtain the receipt.

Cost of Living in Canada

The cost of your living depends on how to choose to live in.  Students can manage to find places which are cheaper to live in as compared to others. The general expenses of living in Canada involves-accommodation, power, transport, clothing, groceries, etc.

Visa Requirements

Students aiming to study in Canada must obtain a study visa before they visit Canada.  They should visit the official Canadian Immigration website to get updated information about the latest information to be submitted.  They must also ensure that they are submitting proper documents along with visa application to study in Canada. Students must also take care of the application submission deadline and must submit it on time.

Student Partner Program

SPP, commonly known as Student Partner Program is approved by the Government of Canada for Indian students.  With the help of this visa, Indian students can get the visa very quickly submitting minimum documentation. The Canadian government has also appointed several universities and colleges under SPP program, where Indian student can get admission. Canadian embassy will review the student visa application considering them of the lowest migration risk.  In order to apply under SPP program, students must have received 50% minimum marks in degree/diploma. They must have received minimum IELTS scores 6.0.


The spouses of students can apply for a dependent visa after they have arrived in Canada. Common law partner of the spouse of an international student may apply for an open work permit. In order to apply for an open work permit, the student must be studying full time in a public post-secondary institution.  Children who are under the age of majority are considered minor children.  The majority ages vary province by province.  Minor children who are with their at least one parent are allowed to work or study in Canada and do not require a study permit to attend school at the pre-school.

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