Requirements To Fulfil For Studying In New Zealand

New Zealand has become one of the popular destinations for the students to seek high-quality education. The certifications and qualifications of the New Zealand universities and colleges are approved and recognized all over the world. In order to fulfill your dreams of studying in New Zealand, candidates are required to fulfill several requirements, which are mentioned as below:

  • Must be enrolled into a full-time educational course at a registered institution
  • Should not have a criminal record
  • Should not pose risks to the national security
  • Work Experience
  • IELTS/PTE Score Cards
  • Visa Fee
  • Bank attested financial papers
  • Should provide proof that you will leave the country after completion of the studies, etc

Candidates applying for a New Zealand student visa may not be given a visa, if:

  • You have been deported from a country
  • Have been involved in the terrorist activities
  • Suffering from health issues
  • Staying in New Zealand illegally
  • Imprisoned in the last 10 years or more
  • Convicted of a crime that led to jail, etc

As compared to other English speaking countries, New Zealand provides you value for your money for the tuition costs and living expenses are comparatively genuinely and affordable. However, the tuition costs would depend upon the type of course you are applying for i.e arts, bachelor, undergraduate or graduate, etc.  It is extremely important to get guidance from an experienced and knowledgeable consultant when applying to study in New Zealand.  Kingsway Immigration is a group of the best immigration consultants based in Chandigarh, offering high-quality services to the clients aiming to study or settle abroad.

We have got a team of skilled visa consultants having years of experience in the field. After carefully listening to your needs, they would give you solutions that would meet your needs. To get a free assessment of your case, feel free to contact the experts of Kingsway Immigration.


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