PTE Success Mantras- How to Deal With Exam Anxiety?

If you are preparing for English language proficiency tests, you would be aware of the terms ‘exam stress’ or ‘exam anxiety’. Preparing for an examination is a stressful journey. Not only it requires immense planning and studying but also dealing with exam-related stress. If you are going through such conditions, then mentioned below are several useful tips that can help you deal with exam-related stress and anxiety.

Start Preparing Before– If your aim is to score high on the English language proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE or TOEFL, we advise you preparing a month or two before. Giving yourself enough time is important because it will make you know your strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, you can make efforts to overcome your weaknesses and score high on the test.

Go with a plan– Always follow a plan or a strategy when you are preparing for PTE or IELTS. This is because it will help you cover all the sections of the exam and give time to the weaker areas. Preparing with a plan also help you stay calm and relaxed because you will have peace of mind that you are preparing the way you have planned.

Sleep Early– Try to take a good sleep of 8 hours before you appear for the test.  A good sleep of 8 hours will relax your mind, as a result, you will stay focused and concentrated during the test. Many students have a habit of studying late the night. This should be avoided if it is your exam the next day. Try to sleep early to wake up fresh.

Eat nutritious food– Before you leave for the test, eat nutritious food such as fresh fruits, juices and healthy breakfast. The nutritious food will supply your body essential energy to stay active throughout the day. Do not easy oily and junk food because it will make you lazy and sleepy during the test.

Time management– Stress and anxiety arises automatically when you are not able to manage your time well. Therefore, keep an eye on the clock present on the upper left corner of the computer-screen. Try to complete the questions within the stipulated time to complete the test on-time.


These tips will surely help you overcome exam-related stress and anxiety. Kingsway Immigration is a leading organization offering students result oriented PTE and IELTS coaching in Chandigarh. If you are aiming to score higher scores on IELTS and PTE, join Kingsway Immigration. 

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