PTE Speaking Tips to Score 70+

PTE is one of the major English language proficiency tests taken by the millions of students all over the world to fulfil their dreams of studying, settling or working abroad.  It has gained huge prominence in the last many years and is widely taken by the students aiming to move abroad.  PTE test assesses the English listening, reading, writing and speaking skills of the test takers. It is a computer-based test which lasts for the duration of 3 hours.

Purpose of PTE Speaking Section

The purpose of the speaking section is to assess the speaking abilities of the test takers in academic settings. Since it is a computer based test, the candidates are required to speak out their answers in the microphone. It will be audio recording which will be assessed and marked. Since PTE speaking is different from the speaking conducted in various other English language proficiency tests like IELTS, we are here to give you several useful tips that can help you ace the speaking section like a pro.

Tips to Ace PTE Speaking Section Like a Pro

Equipment Check-The first and foremost thing you need to do is, check the equipment. Check if the microphone and speakers are working fine. You can raise the hand to gain the attention of the invigilator to get the equipment replaced if they are not working well. Remember, this should be done before the start of the examination.

Do not Pause more than 3 seconds-Do not pause for more than 3 seconds if you are not able to form an answer while speaking. This is because pausing for more than 3 seconds will stop the microphone from recording and your answer will be considered complete.  You can bridge up the gap by using words like hmmm, ohhh, mmmm, etc.

Speak at a Normal Pace- Always speak at a normal pace when you speak. Most of the students have a misconception that speaking faster will make them get high scores. This is not the case. Speaking too fast or slow can arise confusions and make you un-understandable to the speaker. Always speak at your normal pace so that the speaker can understand what you are trying to say.

Practice-We advise students to practice speaking a lot before they appear for the examination.  This will help them polish their speaking skills and know what is expected in the test. Students can also join a coaching institution where they can have peace of mind that their study related needs will be fulfilled in an effective manner.

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