Did Not Get The Desired Bandscore In The IELTS Exam? Know What To Do Next?

Are you preparing for IELTS? Is this the first time you are taking the test or have you taken it multiple times before? Preparing for IELTS is a challenging task. Not only it requires immense patience, time but also efforts to help you get the desired bandscores. IELTS tests the English language skills of the candidates on four major modules, which are- Listening, reading, writing and speaking. The candidates will be given scores in each module, and adding them all will give you an overall bandscore. If you have taken the exam and did not get the desired bandcsore, we understand it can be heartbreaking for you because you have devoted all your time and energy in preparing for the IELTS test.

If you have recently got your IELTS result, and you did not score the desired bandscores, here are several tips that can help you get back the confidence you need.

Don’t lose hope– We know it is quite challenging and heartbreaking to deal with the loss but don’t lose hope. Because if you became sad and depressed, you will not understand what to do next and may lose the point.

Know what to do next- If you are quite confident that you performed well on your exam, you can go the concerned website to check what to do next.  You need to fill the re-evaluation form within 15 days after you have got your result. Fill up the re-evaluation form, pay the fees and send it to the concerned authorities via post.

Wait for the results– The re-evaluation process may take a little time. In case your bandscores increases, you will be refunded all the money back and in case they do not, you will not get the money back.

Start afresh- There is no pass or fail in the IELTS examination. Even if you are not able to get the desired bandscores, you can start afresh, fill up the examination prepare again and appear for it again.  There is always a hope of getting better and achieving higher bandscores.

Get Help- We advise you to join a leading and reputed organization such as Kingsway Immigration where you can get all your questions answered and overcome your weaknesses.  The IELTS trainers of Kingsway Immigration will provide you a mix of knowledge, training and skills to help you get the desired scores in the first attempt itself.

We at, Kingsway Immigration always encourage our students to perform better and better. We help them understand their weaknesses and work on it to score higher. Our IELTS training is a combination of practice and training to help students become confident and get the desired scores.

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