IELTS Success Mantras- IELTS Listening Note Taking Tips

IELTS Listening is one of the scoring sections of the IELTS test. Not only it requires good concentration skills but also understanding skills to understand the things being discussed in the audio recording. Kingsway Immigration has started a section called Success Mantras in which we will be sharing proven tips, tricks and strategies that will help you score higher.

Note Taking is an extremely useful tactic that can be used on IELTS listening. It is a process of jotting down essential information while listening to the audio recording.  The notes taken will serve as a guide and help you find the correct answers. If you are wondering how to take notes in the IELTS listening test and how these notes can be beneficial, then go for the reasons mentioned below:

Listen carefully– The thumb rule of scoring high on the IELTS listening test is to listen carefully. This is because if you do not listen carefully, you may miss out essential information. Do not let your thoughts or focus wander here and there, rather stick to the audio listening and listen to everything which is being discussed.

Write Down Important Details- The purpose of the note-taking should be to write down important details. This means you do not need to write down everything or anything that you listen, but only crucial information that you think can be difficult to remember.

Use Short Forms– When you are taking notes, do not write complete sentences. This is because it will lead to wastage of time. Instead, always use understandable short forms or abbreviations to write down important details.

Do not Lose Focus– You can tend to lose your concentration due to various reasons. Do not let your concentration get lost because this way you can attempt questions wrong. Eat nutritious food and take plenty of sleep because it will keep you energetic.

All these note-taking tips will help you mark correct answers on the IELTS listening task. For more tips like this, join Kingsway Immigration. We are a leading and reputed company based in Sector 34 A Chandigarh offering result-oriented IELTS coaching.


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