IELTS Reading Do’s and Don’t’s

IELTS reading is one of the scoring sections of the IELTS test. Not only is this section easy to attempt but also easy to score.  This section gives students an opportunity to increase their IELTS scores. However, there are several IELTS do’s and don’t’s that one need to follow in order to score high on the test. In this article, the experts of Kingsway Immigration would be sharing several useful do’s and don’t that one need to be careful about while attempting the IELTS reading test.

Purpose of IELTS Reading

The purpose of IELTS Reading test is to assess the reading and writing skills of the test takers. The test takers will be given a paragraph or a comprehension followed by a set of questions which they need to answer after reading and understanding the passage. They will be given scores for each correct answer and will be deducted scores for incorrect answers.

IELTS Reading Do’s

  • Always eat and sleep well before you appear for the test. This is because it will keep you energetic and focused to take the examination.
  • Sharpen your reading skills before the test. This can be done by reading a lot of books, magazines and attempting previous IELTS question papers. This will not only help you get an idea what kind of questions will be asked on the test, but also stay prepared for the exam.
  • Read the instructions properly before starting the test. Even if you know the instructions, spend good 5 minutes on reading the instructions so that you can perform exactly what is asked.

IELTS Reading Dont’s

  • Do not go unprepared for the test as it will lead to scoring fewer score. It is advisable to practice and develop your reading skills before appearing for the test.
  • Do not assume anything on the IELTS reading test. Your answers should be based on what you read and understood in the passage rather than assuming or marking answers based on your assumptions.
  • Read the comprehension passages carefully. Do not lose focus while you are reading because it can land you in confusions.

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