IELTS Essay Writing Tips to Score 7+

Writing is one of the important modules of IELTS. Most of the students preparing for IELTS face difficulty in writing an impressive piece of the essay and this is the major reason why they are not able to get the desired scores. If this is your story too, you have landed in the right place. In this article, the experts of Kingsway Immigration will share several useful tips on IELTS essay writing that can help you weave impressive, creative and interesting essays on IELTS essay writing task.

Read instructions carefully- Before you start attempting the writing test, we highly recommend you reading the instructions carefully. Even if you know the instructions before, spend a good 5 minutes in reading the test instructions so that you can complete the test as required and on time.

Plan and Plot Ideas- After reading the question, you may have numerous ideas, thoughts or beliefs about the topic. Spend some time in organizing your ideas so that they come out to be coherent and interlinked with each other.  Coherency is extremely important because your ideas should be connected to each other to create a beautiful piece of writing.

Brainstorm Ideas- In the beginning of the task, it is a good opportunity to do some brainstorming. This way you can develop ideas about the topic which can be used in the essay. You can also give relevant examples in the essay to make it more interesting.

Proofread- It cannot be emphasized how important is to proofread your essay. Always spare some at the end so that you can proofread your essay against mistakes or errors. This is a good opportunity to correct your mistakes and make your essay free from mistakes.

Stick to the topic– You might feel tempted to go off the track, but don’t do this. Always read the instructions carefully and write what is being asked. Writing unnecessary information will not make you score high, rather will give a bad impression.

You are sure to perform well on your IELTS essay writing task, if you follow these tips. For more useful tips, join Kingsway Immigration. We are one of the elite institutions based in Chandigarh, offering high-quality IELTS coaching. If your aim is to score 7+ on IELTS, join Kingsway Immigration.




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