How To Get A Visa For Australia? Everything You Need To Know Is Here

Australia has gained incredible popularity among the immigrants and this is the reason why they are turning their feet toward the country. Australia offers numerous opportunities to the individuals such as educational, career, business, studies and so on. Australia has an immigration program that is responsible for screening and issuing visas to individuals to enter Australia. Currently, DIAC accepts 170,000 permanent migration applications for family and skilled migration.

Different Types of Visas

There are different types of Australian visas, which are divided into various categories.  Mentioned below are different types of visas for Australia.

Family Visa- Family visa category is the second major category for migrants to enter into Australia. Approximately 45,000 visas are granted annually under this category. This visa is issued to the dependents and spouses of the existing visa holders.

Worker Visa– Worker visa is issued to the migrants aiming to work in the Australian land. Worker visa is further divided into two categories, such as- temporary and permanent and offshore and onshore.

Visitors– A number of visitors visit Australia every year to eyewitnesses of the beauty of the country. In order to gain entry into Australia as a tourist, you need to get a tourist visa. DIAC grants holiday visas and working holiday visas that offer r to work as well while holidaying in Australia. Australia is popularly known for beaches, scenery, and superior lifestyle.

Humanitarian Visa– According to the digits, it has been known that approximately 14,000 visas are issued every year to the applicants who are seeking a shelter in Australia for humanitarian grounds.

Study Visa– Study visa or student visa is issued to the students aiming to visit Australia for higher studies. This visa is issued to the candidates who are planning to visit Australia for their studies.

Visas are for everyone who wants to go to Australia for any purpose. If you are planning to enter Australia, it is extremely important to get in touch with the reliable immigration consultants who can guide you the correct way. Kingsway Immigration is a leading and renowned immigration company based in sector 34 A Chandigarh offering their clients highest-quality visa services. We have been providing our clients right guidance, knowledge and support to help them fulfill their dreams of migrating to Australia.

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