What To Do When You Fall Short Of Ideas On IELTS Speaking?

There is no denying that many students preparing or appearing for the IELTS exam face difficulty in the speaking section. This section is not only considered to be difficult to score,but also challenging to attempt. The purpose of the speaking section is to assess the speaking abilities of the test takers in academic settings. It consists of three major sections- personal introduction, cue card, cross questions. In the personal introduction round, the candidates will be asked personal questions about them, their hobbies or their studies. On the other hand, in the cue card, a candidate is given a topic to speak on and the topic could be any.  In the cross question section, candidates will be asked further questions about the topic discussed in the cue card section.

While students manage to attempt personal introduction round, they face difficulties in the cue card and cross questioning rounds. One of the most common question asked by the numerous students out there is, what to do if they fall short of ideas or have no clue about the topic? Well, to tackle with situations like these, we are here to give you several tips and tricks to ace like a pro.

Read– The only way not to fall short of ideas is to read and increase your knowledge. Read as much you can because it will give you an idea about various things happening around which will be easy to relate when you are sitting for the cue card round.

Develop Idea– Reading will definitely help you, but it is a good idea to develop your own ideas about things.  This will come as a saviour when you are asked a tricky question. In situations like this, nobody else, but you can only save yourself.

Get help– We highly recommend students preparing for the exam to go through previous question papers because this will give them an idea what kind of questions are asked in the exam and how to prepare for them. Going through previous question papers is a good way of education yourself about the format of the exam.

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