What To Do When You Fall Short Of Ideas On IELTS Speaking Test?

IELTS is one of the prominent English language proficiency tests taken by millions of students all over the world aiming to study or settle abroad. It consists of four modules which are- listening, reading, writing and speaking. The candidates are required to perform well on each IELTS module in order to get the desired IELTS score. IELTS speaking is one of the complicated sections of the IELTS  test.  Many students fail to get the desired scores because they are unable to perform well on the IELTS speaking.

Purpose of IELTS Speaking

The purpose of IELTS speaking is to assess the speaking skills of the test takers under timed conditions. The IELTS speaking test consists of three sections which are- personal introduction, cue card and cross questions. In the personal introduction round, you will be asked personal questions. In the cue card, you will be asked to speak on a particular topic for 2 minutes and in the cross question round, you will be asked further questions on the topic discussed in the cue card.

Tips to Improve IELTS Speaking

There can be times when you do not have an idea what to speak about a topic or you can fall short of ideas. To avoid situations like this, we are going to give you several useful tips that will prove helpful to you during the test.

Read, Read, Read– The best thing you could do not to fall short of ideas during the IELTS speaking test is to read a lot. You can pick a book, novel or a magazine of your choice. Reading will help you develop your thinking skills; as a result, you can speak on a variety of topics.

Mirror practice– If you are not confident of speaking, then mirror practice can help you. Mirror practice can help you develop confidence as well as improve your speaking skills. Watch your body language, your lip movements and your way of talking while you are speaking.

Find a partner– Find a speaking partner with whom you can practice speaking who has same aspirations like yours. You can share ideas or thoughts with each other which will ultimately help you improve your speaking skills for the test. These kind of practice sessions are beneficial to both the partners who are preparing for the test.

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