Everything You Need To Know About IELTS Answer Sheets Is Here

An Answer sheet is one of the critical aspects of the IELTS examination. It is just not a piece of paper but an important sheet that is going to tell your fate on the IELTS exam.  The scores of the candidates for reading and listening are calculated based on what you have written on it.  This means, no matter how skilled you are in the reading and listening modules, but if you did not copy the answers correctly, your scores will be ZEO. In this article, the experienced and skilled IELTS trainers of Kingsway Immigration are going to tell you several important facts that you need to know about IELTS answer sheets.

The first and foremost thing, we advise you to acquaint yourself with the IELTS answer sheet before you go to take the test. This is because this way you will get to know which sides you need to fill the listening and reading skills.

The IELTS answer sheet has two sides- one for the listening and other for the reading. It is easy to mix the sides and fill up the answers incorrectly.

Always look for the sheet that says answer numbers 1-40 “IELTS Listening Answer Sheet or IELTS Reading Answer Sheet. Read this caption carefully before transferring the answers on the sheet.

When you are practicing with a clock, be sure you spare several minutes to transfer answers to the Answer sheet. This will help you get used to the entire process and manage tour time correctly.

Do not get too involved in answering the questions that you forget transferring answers at the end. The answers marked on the answer sheet will decide your fate on the exam.

If this is the first time you are appearing for the IELTS examination, we advise you to educate yourself about the IELTS answer sheet.  For more useful tips like this, join Kingsway Immigration.  We provide our students mix of training, practice and skills to help them get the scores they need to fulfill their dreams of moving or studying abroad.


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