Different Types Of Australia Student Visa Explained

According to the Department of Immigration Australia, there are different types of Australia visa under which students under 18 can apply. As per the SSVF rules, candidates from all over the world can apply for the Australia student visa through sub-class 500. In this article, the experts of Kingsway Immigration will be explaining the different types of Australia student visas that let you migrate to one of the beautiful countries in the world- Australia.

Australia Student Visa – Subclass 500

Australia student visa- subclass 500 is meant for those who wish to pursue their higher studies (degree or diploma) from a registered educational institution in Australia. This visa lets you study a full-time program in Australia and moreover take your family members to Australia.  Under this visa, you and your family members are permitted for part-time work.  The students can legally stay in Australia until the completion of their course.

Requirements for Australia Student Visa- Subclass 500

  • English Language Proficiency Test Score
  • Confirmation of Enrolment
  • Health Insurance
  • Documents proving your financial capacity, etc.

Student Guardian Visa- Subclass 590

With the help of this visa, you can provide care to an International student who is studying in Australia and is below 18 years of age.

Requirements for Student Guardian Visa- Subclass 590

  • You must be a parent or should hold the custody of the student.
  • You must meet health and character requirements
  • Have enough finances to support yourself
  • You have an intention to stay in Australia on temporary basis
  • You cannot bring family members of or above the age of 6 years, etc.

Those were two major types of student visas under which you can visit Australia. If you want to visit Australia to accompany your loved ones, visit Kingsway Immigration. We are a leading immigration company based in Chandigarh offering their client’s highest-quality services. We have got a proven track of excellence backed by years of experience in the field.



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