Apply For Australia Student Visa Under SSVF

Kingsway Immigration is an immigration consultancy firm based in Sector 34 A Chandigarh.  We have been serving the customers of Punjab from last many years and have got a phenomenal success rate. Having got years of experience, knowledge and skills, we have established ourselves as a firm with astonishing success rate. We have been helping the clients with varied visa needs achieve their goals.

What is SSVF?

With the new rules coming along the way, Australia has welcomed the introduction of new simplified student visa framework, commonly known as SSVF to support the education services sector of Australia.

The key changes made under SSVF are-

  • Reduction in the number of student visa subclasses from eight to two
  • Introduction of simplified single immigration risk framework for international students

Changes Made Under SSVF

These changes will make the student visa framework simpler and easier for the genuine students.   The current student visa framework is quite complex. It encompasses eight visa subclasses, the assessment level framework and streamlines visa processing arrangements.  At present, students willing to apply are assessed under the assessment level framework or streamlines visa processing arrangements.  These frameworks are widely used to determine the level of financial capacity, English language proficiency and academic background. Regardless of their country of origin, students are supposed to present requirements for English language proficiency, academic background and financial capacity.

How Can Kingsway Immigration Help You?

The director of Kingsway Immigration guides customers that it is only because of unawareness, people get their visa applications rejected. They can enhance their chances of success by applying through a licensed and experienced visa adviser. A licensed and experienced visa adviser will guide you throughout the process and advise you to do what is right.  He will help you abide by the rules and regulations of immigration industry and fulfill the formalities.


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