Why Study In Canada ?

Canada is one of the beautiful countries in the world offering luxurious amenities, lifestyle and world-class education courses and programs.  As per the reports, it has been known that India is at the second position for number of students that migrate every year to Canada for the study and educational purposes.  Thousands of visas are issued every year to the Indian students to fulfill their dreams of studying or settling abroad. Not only from India, but people from all around the world migrate to Canada to gain benefits of world class educational programs and courses.

There are a number of reasons why individuals consider studying in Canada. Below mentioned are some of the major reasons of why Study in Canada.

  • Canada offers first-class education system. It has got more than 90 universities, 150 colleges and organizational institutes to choose from.This means you can get any educational course or programme you dream of.
  • As compared to other English speaking countries, the tuition fees in Canada are comparatively low. Moreover, students can work on a part-time basis to meet their daily expenses.
  • Canada is a safe country to stay and live. It has got lower crime rates. It is a multi-cultural country in the world and relatively a safe place to live and study.
  • English and French are the official languages of the Canada.
  • The Canadian degrees, certificates and educational programmes are recognized all around the world.
  • Indian students are allowed to work 20 hours a week during sessions and 40 hours a week during breaks or vacations. This gives them an opportunity to earn their livelihood and meet their expenses.

Canada is an ideal country to live, study and take your educational career to the next level.  To make your journey easy and hassle-free, it is imperative to work with the reliable Canada study visa consultants. Kingsway Immigration are the best study visa consultants based in the beautiful City Chandigarh offering high-quality services to the clients.

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